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Nike Flash — Workshop


I had one week to discover After Effect and to realize an interactive advertising campaign for a client/product of my choice. I wanted to make a simple, declinable and playful interaction between the user and the media.

  • Category Photo
  • Date December 9, 2018
  • Location Damietta , Egypt

Creative agency is a web landing page build for a fictional design studio. The different sections show: work, about, testimonial and portfolio. The design is clean with contrast and highlight colors.

Simplifying a
multifarious ordering process

Wiivv creates custom-fit, 3D-printed footwear that is digitally mapped to your feet, through their app. Their goal is to add active, meaningful years to people’s lives by improving body mechanics, all accomplished by making custom footwear accessible and affordable. Oui Will partnered with Wiivv to create a national campaign comprised of new brand assets and an eCommerce website designed to simplify the ordering process and drive more sales.

Jacopo, 2017 - Magic Mushroom, Yosemite
Jacopo, 2017 - Magic Mushroom, Yosemite
Jacopo, 2017 - Magic Mushroom, Yosemite
Jacopo, 2017 - Magic Mushroom, Yosemite

"Supremo were a very professional and talented company. They were able to understand our brand quickly and created the website in just six weeks."

Stephen Reynolds - Proof Drinks

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